The best stylus pen for iPad, iPhone & Android Tablets

Estylo is a modern wooden stylus pen created for note-taking, drawing, sketching and creating amazing digital illustrations. No other stylus comes close to the design, comfort and high quality finish that this stylus pen offers. The ultra durable tip will make this the best and only stylus you will ever need to create your next masterpiece.

The Only Diamond Shaped Stylus

The unique diamond shaped body was inspired by Phd research on the most ergonomic way to hold a pen. Creating the best digital illustrations on your tablets takes time and using this stylus pen will feel like a natural extension of your hand. Note-taking and drawing on tablets has never been more comfortable.

























Ultra Durable Stylus for lasting performance

We strive to create the best products that are beautiful but also long lasting. Other stylus nibs wear down after some use and require replacements, this stylus is built to last without requiring any replacement parts. The tip is firm yet soft and requires no extra pressure for it to work on tablets or an iPad.












The stylus will never scratch your tablet screen


Never Lose Another Stylus

Are you tired of losing your stylus pen time and time again? We were! That’s why we created a new kind of stylus with powerful magnets inside. Easily attach the Estylo to your iPad, iPhone or any metallic surface like a desk or refrigerator.



The Most Eco Friendly Stylus for Android Tablets & iPad

The Estylo stylus for iPad, iPhone and Android tablets is carefully crafted using only high quality wood and water based paints. In combination with our lean manufacturing methods this makes it the best and most eco friendly stylus pen available today.













































Dual Tip Stylus

Effortlessly draw and glide on tablets or your iPad. The main tip works in various angles and will never scratch your screen. It uses innovative materials that will never scratch your screen in combination with the best graphene conductive paint that transfers energy from your body to the tip of the stylus! It even works with gloves on. The back of the stylus pen can be used for more detailed work.










A Stylus for Note-Taking with Style

Available in 5 distinct colors that include sky blue, purple, red, pink and black so you can choose which one best reflects your personality. Art is the soul of humanity as it nourishes the mind by showing us new worlds and making the impossible possible. We created this stylus pen so that it could be the best tool for digital artists and illustrators to create their next masterpiece and inspire the world. We strive to design the best products that are beautiful, eco friendly, functional and long lasting.













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The Stylus for Drawing Digital illustrations

The ergonomic diamond shape body along with the sensitive ultra durable tip make this the best stylus pen for creating digital illustrations on Android tablets or your iPad. Be creative, draw, design, sketch, write a poem and inspire the world.

Estylo stylus review for iPad

Tech Spects


All capacitive touchscreen devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or any iOS device. Samsung galaxy series, droid, Nexus 7 and other Android smart phones or tablets. It also works on Windows Phones, Nintendo DS and Kindle devices.


Magnetically attaches to the left side of the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.


Length: 144mm. Width front tip: 7.4mm. Width back tip: 5.8mm.

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