All-in-One Pre Production Filmmaking App

Stories express ideas that have the power to transform minds. A great movie, television series or video takes you into its world. You become the characters and feel what they feel. The impact great story telling can have is immeasurable.

We created a next generation pre production app that is specifically designed to help you and your team create amazing stories at a much faster pace while saving time and resources along the way. This app is available exclusively for iPhone, iPad and any device running iOS7 or iOS8.

With this app you will enhance your ability to visualize your projects by quickly creating storyboards and animatics. Write a professional outline in the standard screenwriting format. You’re a film maker so you must experiment with composition, rhythm and emotion. But most importantly have fun in pushing this great medium into a new frontier.


Reduce Production shooting times by up to 55%


Reduce Post Production time by up to 30%

Save Time and Money

By creating storyboards and an animatic you can reduce Production shooting times by up to 55% and Post Production time by up to 30%. When you put the creative work into Pre Production you’re building out the blueprint for the final movie.

Storyboard Creation

Quickly storyboard your film and create animatics on the go without knowing how to draw! Don’t rely on fixing your story in Post Production, fix it in Pre Production and reduce the expensive mistakes later. We’re pushing the limits to what an iPhone and iPad can do.


We stocked the library with hundreds of essential elements to get you started. The library is separated into 4 sections: Text, Actors, Locations and Props. Our goal in life is to stream line the creative process while keeping all aspects of your project organized. Learn more>


Selecting the right typography is an art and technique that helps set the tone of your project. Choose from over 100’s of fonts and colors to give your project the feeling you are going for. Learn more>

Robust Filmmaking Tool

The software architecture behind Action Pro App is robust and powerful enough to handle any sized project. You can add up to 25 different elements and quickly rearrange the order of the elements.

Submenu Tools

All the elements inside the composition come with a submenu. The submenu view provides a great set of tools so you can further work on your storyboards. Give your storyboards that extra punch by adding blur, erasing parts of the background and more! Learn more>

Green Screen

Take pictures of your very own actors or props, upload them to the library and erase the background in the Green Screen View. Once the background is removed use that element across all your storyboards. Do you have transparent PNG images? You easily can import them into the library and get started right away! Lear more>

Storyboard Sequence

The Action Pro app comes installed with actors in various poses and hundreds of elements so you can start creating your storyboards and animatics

Fastest Way to Create Animatics on the Go!



Action Pro makes it easier than ever to quickly create animatics and edit them where ever you are.This way you can see your story play out right in front of you and make adjustments accordingly. Learn more>

The Magic of Editing

Editing can be used in a diverse ways from creating thought provoking montages, to guiding the pacing of the story, give emphasis to things that would otherwise go unnoticed, to creating a subconscious emotional connection to the viewer, the possibilities are almost limitless.

Create animatics and edit them where ever you are. This way you can see your story play out right in front of you and make adjustments accordingly.

Professional Screenwriting and Outline

Everything is organized in the standard screenwriting format. You no longer have to manually type out each new scene in your screenplay. Just add it once to your library, tap on the location and a new slug line (scene heading) is automatically created. Inspiration strikes anywhere and our main goal is to create a powerful mobile screenwriting tool for iPhone and iPad that will make it easy for you to work on the go.

Outline writing

In this view you can see all the scenes in your project. MAKE THIS MORE INSPIRATIONAL! Tap on any scene to open it up, once a scene is open you can view the notes and storyboard thumbnails. If the scene is already open tap on the scene header to edit the time of day. Tap on the notes to edit the notes. Learn more>


Professional Filmmaking App at your finger tips!

You can view the total duration of your animatic plus the number of locations, actors and scenes in your film. This way you can get a quick idea of how complex your filmmaking endeavor will be. Filmmaking on your iPhone and iPad as never been so creative and organized like this before.


Automatic Shotlists


The transition from idea to set has never been so smooth. Based off your storyboards Action Pro creates a shot list automatically. Back in the day people would usually write out shot lists with texts explaining the shots composition, that is so old school. Film making is a visual medium so instead of having your crew trying to decipher your written shot list show them the storyboards instead.

Arrive on set fully prepared and professional. Easily share your vision with the team, check off the shots as you film and a percentage bar fills up indicating your progress. Welcome to the future of filmmaking!

General Shot List View

Action Pro lets you focus on your creativity and creates automatic shot list based on your storyboards. View all your scenes and how many shots are within that scene. At the top right you can view the main percentage bar which fills up as you check off your storyboards. Learn more>

Shot List Detail

Tap on the white circle at the bottom right of the thumbnail to mark it as filmed.You will notice the secondary percentage bar at the top right fill up.When you check off all the storyboards within the scene the percentage bar will fill to 100% and your done filming that scene. Learn more>


Texto 100 %

Check off all the shots within all the scenes, the main percentage bar will fill up to 100% and boom crack open the champagne bottles because your done with production!

  • 100% Complete 100%

Filmmaking Collaboration App

.AXN File

Each new project is contained within a .AXN file. Share this file with other Action Pro users who will be able to import this file so that they further edit and work on the project.

PDF File

Easily generate a PDF file which contains all your scenes, notes and storyboards. Share this file via Dropbox, email or online.Your clients will love you when you deliver an easy to understand breakdown of the project you will film for them.

GIF File

Create stop motion animatics and export it as a GIF file. Share this GIF file via Dropbox, the web and Twitter.


Filmmaking-Film-Screenwriting-Storyboard-App01 .AXN File      

All of your projects are automatically stored inside this very efficient file format that won’t hog up all your memory.


Never lose your work again.

Filmmaking-Film-Screenwriting-Storyboard-App03Undo Redo

Two finger tap on the left side of the screen to undo. Two finger tap on the right side of the screen to redo.

Filmmaking-Film-Screenwriting-Storyboard-App04Screen guides

Three finger tap on screen to view your storyboards in the standard 16:9. and 4:3 aspect ratios.

Filmmaking-Film-Screenwriting-Storyboard-App05Png files

Easily import transparent png images from the web or photoshop.

Filmmaking-Film-Screenwriting-Storyboard-App06Filmmaking-Film-Screenwriting-Storyboard-App08iOS 7 and iOS 8

Compatible with iOS 7 and 8. Works best with iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and lastest generation of iPod touch.

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